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Basic dog training commands

If you feel it is time to start training a dog, this article is for you! Dog training consists of two essential elements - behavioral balancing and command training; however, dog training should begin with teaching basic commands and try to communicate with the pet. Dogs can learn different commands for different purposes. For example, you can teach a dog to hunt, to guard a house, to be helping blind people. But before teaching your dog all difficult commands, you need to make sure that your pet knows all the basic ones like sit, lay, come.

 It is easier to control the behavior of your pet when it knows all the basic commands. Also, it is easier to protect your pet from all the danger outside. The most important thing for the pet owners is that while you are teaching your dog different types of commands, a bond between you and your pet is getting stronger every minute.


The command "SIT"

The command "SIT" is one of the most easily learned commands for the pet, so it is obvious that this should be the first command learned, so where to start? First of all, make your pet to pay attention to you by giving it some treats. Make sure you have time for the training and have fun!

●    Take the snack and keep it close to your pet's nose.
●    Slowly raise the snack upwards, the dog will follow, and this action will encourage him to sit.
●    When your dog sits down, say the "SIT" command, give him a snack, share the joy and repeat the task.

Repeat this task a few times a day until your dog will be used to this command. You can then ask the dog to sit down before giving a meal, going outside or in other situations that require a calm dog's temper.

The command "COME"

The main dog training commands are formed from teaching your pet to come to you. It does not matter what phrase you use for the command; it's essential that it is simple and acceptable for both you and your pet. This command can help if you accidentally released a dog leash or leave the open door and your pet escapes.
●    Put a collar on the dog's neck and attach a leash.
●    Get down to its level and tell the command "COME" by gently pulling it through the leash.
●    When the dog comes to you, give him a delicious treat, share the joy and repeat the task again.

Once the dog understands this command using a leash, release it and repeat the command in a safe environment.

The command "LAY"

It is harder to teach this command than previous ones. When training a dog to lie down, you should be relaxed and calm.

●    Take a delicious snack (the one the dog likes the most) and hold it in your hand.
●    Hold the treat next to the dog's nose and when the pet sniffs it, lower your arm to the ground - the dog starts to follow the hand.
●    Slightly push your hand toward the dog (or toward you) to encourage the dog to lie down. The dog's body should follow the head; this is the principle of this exercise.
●    When the dog lies down, tell the command "LAY" and give it the treat, share the joy and repeat the task.

It is recommended that this command would be repeated every day. If the dog tries to sit or move from the place, say "No" and pull the arm. Be happy when your pet is trying to listen and do not force it too hard to lie down, because the dog is trying to figure out what it is being asked for.


The command "CALM DOWN"

Before you start teaching this command, make sure that your dog knows the command "SIT."

●    Ask the dog to sit down.
●    Show your empty palm next to the dog's nose and say "CALM DOWN."
●    Hold the palm for 3-5 seconds and give a delicious treat if during this time the dog remained calm.
●    Repeat the exercise by taking a few steps back.
●    Gradually extend the command's time and distance.
●    Show to your pet that you are pleased even if it listens for only a few seconds!

The command "CALM DOWN" is a dog self-control exercise, so do not forget if you need to take a lot of time to master it. This command is difficult to learn for small and energetic dogs because they want to run and play.


The command "LEAVE IT"

This command can protect against dangers that intrigue, smells good, but are dangerous! The goal of the command is to show the dog that it gets something more valuable if he ignores a particular item.

●    Take a snack into both palms.
●    Show the dog a treat in one hand, hold it and say "LEAVE IT."
●    Let him try to pick out the snack from the hand and ignore this behavior.
●    When the dog stops trying to grab the snack, give him the treat from the other palm.
●    Repeat until the dog leaves the palm after hearing the command.
●    Later, give the taste only when, after the command, the dog leaves your arm and looks at you.

When your dog learns to ignore the snack and make eye contact, you can make the task more difficult. You will need two different snacks. One of them must be a simple one, and the other is a delicious (the one that the dog would like).

These five main dog training commands will help you to make a bond with the pet and teach your dog how to behave, which is a valuable investment of your time and energy. Remember, the training process takes a long time, so start only when you are in a good mood and have time. In this way, your lessons will be fun for both you and your dog.

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